2010 crown victoria police interceptor dark mode

How do you disable dark car mode on an 08 crown Victoria police interceptor? Which detail from Heart of Darkness shows the ineffectiveness of the colonizers. All Rights Reserved. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed. Unanswered Questions. Ford Crown Victoria. Wiki User May 03, AM. It takes inputs from various sources and provides lighting control in accordance with it's programming. For the owner, there are not too many "features" that we can re-program at the user level. It allows the opening of any door without the chimes or dome lamps being activated. This mode is entered by grounding a specific terminal on the LCM. The connector is located near the top of the carpeting just to the right side of the center console, and is a single pole blue connector one wire in, one wire out. The LCM needs to have it's "keep alive" power interrupted to cause it to re-examine it's programming, so you do need to disconnect the power sources before any changes will take effect. I suppose, you could just unplug the harnesses to the LCM to disrupt it's power, but I'd much rather pull fuses than "stand" on my head pulling connectors. Congratulations, you now know more about your car than the average person. If this does NOT return your vehicle to "normal" lighting, most likely either the wires were cut near the LCM to disable the door signals, or the door switch connectors have been unplugged at the switch located on the latch assemblies inside the door s. Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor was created in For a Ford Crown Victoria : It should be a direct swap. Located on catalytic converter. No, I doesnt fit. Check the tail of the and there is a speed sensor. The doesnt have it. Asked in Ford Crown Victoria What does it mean when the overdrive light is blinking on a ford crown Victoria police interceptor? A malfunction has been detected. If you have the owners manual, they're in there. They're the same as non-police cars. I wouldn't. They're there for a good reason

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